Saturday, April 4, 2009

Part V : Seagrove Community Woodfiring at the North Carolina Pottery Center

Second Shift
David Stuempfle, Bobbie Thomas, Meredith, Bruce, Maxwell
Potteries: David Stuempfle, Thomas, Whynot, Bulldog

Here is the day firing shift.  There will be two more shifts.  I am home watching the shop and trying to get in my last day of throwing, but have yet to throw anything.  Unfortunately I will be missing the music this afternoon, but will be headed down there later for the next shift photo at 4:30.   Later on this evening will be a potter's potluck and the firing off of the kiln.
The kiln is packed with many pots.  A pot from each potter firing the kiln will be donated to the North Carolina Pottery Center's auction coming up on April 18.  STARworks Ceramics donated 25 pounds of clay for the community wood firing to each potter that wanted to try their new local clay body.  We are looking forward to seeing the results.  We will post some images of the pieces when we unload the kiln. 

Bobbie (Thomas Pottery), David Stuempfle (David Stuempfle Pottery), Meredith Heywood (Whynot Pottery)

Bobbie, Meredith, Bruce, and Maxwell

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