Friday, April 3, 2009

Seagrove Community Woodfiring at the North Carolina Pottery Center

Busy day today.  These are images of Bruce making the pieces for today's kiln a couple of weeks ago.  We were able to get them dried, bisque, and glazed by today.  Taking extra hours in the evening we pushed them through.   It will be interesting to see what happens.  We pulled out 7 year old washes from the chicken house last night to put on them.  We have to leave in 20 minutes to drop the pieces off.  I don't think we will be on time because we are just starting to eat breakfast.  Are potters ever on time?  Bruce is on tomorrows shift to help fire.  We made bunches of kiln wadding yesterday for the loading.   I am going to try to get pictures of today's loading and tomorrows firing.  
Cheers!  I can't wait until tomorrow to hear the music in the afternoon at the Pottery Center.  

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-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Those are some sweet bottles in that bottom picture! I love the flattened sides and the litle lugs on the shoulder! How did you get the agate ware-ish swirls? Hope all goes well in the firing!