Sunday, May 31, 2009

Johnston and Gentithes Art Pottery

There was a news article by Mary Anderson, in the Courier-Tribune this past week about our pottery neighbor, Carol Gentithes. She recently showed her work at the prestigious, Washington D.C., Smithsonian Craft Show in April. She makes wonderful and imaginative sculptures. I recently visited their gallery, Johnston and Gentithes Art Pottery, and here are a few pieces of Carol's sculptures.

Fred Johnston is her husband and partner in the business. He is a great potter and story teller. Their shop is located in downtown Seagrove. When visiting this weekend for our "Cousins in Clay": Bulldog Pottery and Michael Kline kiln opening make sure you swing by there!

Here is a post that we made last year. Bruce, Ed, Gloria and I visited his bird pitcher at the Center City Park in downtown Greensboro for my birthday present.


Anonymous said...

cool pieces and that's one big vase in the last pic

Bruce and Samantha said...

Fred and Carol are really creative.