Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the Studio Table

Bruce is throwing a few more pieces. We always get to a point where we really need to switch gears and start glazing, but we are all warmed up at the wheel, and want to keep throwing and making more objects. Today is maybe his last day for throwing, and then trimming and handle work will need to be done. We are looking forward to the 6th and 7th when Michael Kline comes and joins us for our "Cousins in Clay" kiln opening.
Below are the vases drying that I finished off a couple of days ago, and some cups I have thrown to round off my throwing cycle.
I am also working on some mushroom jars that will have insects glazed on the lid.
I started to clean up my glazing space last night. I was amazed at how many glaze cycle messes there were on the table and floor. Bruce and I are pretty messy, and every once in awhile we wake up and clean a little. Our motto, "We clean something once a year whether it needs it or not."


JLK said...

I like that motto, I think I have been following it myself in the studio!!

Anonymous said...

i hate that too... when you need to stop throwing and move on and it feels like you just hit your stride