Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part II: Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, North Carolina

I am starting these images with the entrance to the Gallery.  I remember sitting in the front of the gallery with Bruce and Sid back when we delivered Bruce's solo show in 2001. If you have not checked out the images on Cedar Creek's Gallery pages, please do.  This is shino work that Bruce was well known for back in the 1980's into the early 1990's.  We frequently talk of bringing back some of this shino glazing into Bulldog Potteries repertoire.  So many wonderful clay, glaze, and fire alchemy to explore and so little time to get to them.  Ideas and imagination can run so far ahead of our capacity to act on them, but it is all so exciting and invigorating.   
Well back to delivering the shino 8 years ago I am not sure if we sat at the aqua table, but I know we sat at a table and talked for an hour or so.  Bruce and I were just getting started in our new studio and home.  It is interesting how memories can be so vivid, but happened some time ago.  There was purple shisho growing up all over and in between the cracks of the brick.  Sid said it was his favorite plant.

I have lots of images below for you to see, but this only touches the surface of what you will find at Cedar Creek Gallery.  Take a visit there when you are in the area and if you have a bit more time, a visit to the Butterfly Glass House in Durham at the Museum of Life and Science, is a must.  They also have other great insects and critters there to see and learn about.

This is the main show room at Cedar Creek Gallery.

The entrance to Sid's museum collection starts off with a memorial to Sid Oakley. He was a wonderful painter, potter, mentor, and supporter of craft artists.

This is an overview of the pottery museum that Sid and Pat put together for Cedar Creek Gallery.

I spotted a piece of Bruce's on one of the shelves. This is one of Bruce's shino dome jars from the 1980's.

Here is the exhibition room. There is a Vase exhibition that is on display until May 16th. This is where the Art of the State will be exhibited.

Here are three vases by Ronan Peterson. Ronan is a potter from Durham. He now has a show on display with Gillian Parke in Atlanta, at Mudfire.  Bruce and I have been invited to participate in Decal and Drawn at Mudfire during the month of July.

This is an overview of the exhibition space with a permanent display of pottery and information about Cedar Creek History.
Cedar Creek Gallery is more than a place to buy pottery. It is a place that you can go to enjoy the beautiful outside gardens. The visitor has a chance to sit, relax, and talk in a serene environment.  There are, I think, two open houses a year at Cedar Creek, where you can see clay and enjoy glass blowing demonstrations, music, plants, and more.  Sid's daughter Lisa is a talented glass blower with her glass studio nearby.

I like the gift wrapping feature too.


jimgottuso said...

looks like the "the great vase" show is a winner

Bruce and Samantha said...

The vase was fun to look at!