Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vases and Insects

Samantha's vases in process

In between our excursions to Raleigh and Charlotte we have been making vases in the studio. The vases above are in the process of being trimmed and finished. We are busily getting ready for our Cousins in Clay kiln opening. We are excited about Michael Kline, of Bakersville, joining us with his lovely pottery on June 6th and 7th. Bruce and I will have a selection of our crystalline vases and wall hangings for this pottery sale.

What is in the garden? Lets take a look at the clump of blooming chives in the middle left of the garden. A close observation reveals some important work is taking place here too.

Ants as pollinators

I think this is a -Phidippus audax- but definitely a jumping spider. I think he came by to see if he could find lunch.
Thank you to all of the great information on Wikipedia.


JLK said...

Great shots! Isn't this a great time of year to watch the garden. I go down every morning and evening to see what has grown. the spinach, chard and lettuce magically replace themselves everyday!

How was IKEA??! I missed your IM last night-I'm in the middle of a FB Scrabble game. It is fun!

Michael Mahan said...

Those insects are almost as lovely as the ones on your pots. And that's a nice bunch of vases Samantha. Inspires me to get out to my workshop

Anonymous said...

nice vase shapes there and let's hear it for the insect pollinators