Monday, June 15, 2009

Art of the State: Cedar Creek Gallery: June 12 - September 6

We attended the show opening at Cedar Creek Gallery this past Friday evening.  We arrived early with enough time for me to drink some coffee and take images.  People started to show up later after 6:00.  We had plans to leave early but as people started coming in it was hard to pull away from the interesting conversations.  The show is set up in two rooms.  The small one at the front of the Gallery and large one in the back.
We arrived around 5:45 and Gloria found herself in one of the places where she likes best....with the plants.  John Martin is the plant man there, and also works with crystalline and other glazes.  He had two lamps in the show that were gorgeous.  I wish I had taken a picture of the one I wanted to walk home with.  It would be perfect for a bedside lamp. It was a brilliant matte turquoise with a slender lamp shade.  I always seem to miss images that I later wished I had taken.  When I am in the moment of the activity of taking pictures I feel like I am taking a lot of them, but then I get home and look them over, and realized I missed documenting some.

Gloria learning of some new plant varieties. 

The larger show space.

Bruce's fossil serpent tall bottle shared a pedestal with Tom Turner's covered jar.  The jar fancied having a red dot.  Tom is getting ready for a show this summer on the main floor at the Blue Sprial 1 in Asheville.

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Patricia Griffin said...

What a great-looking show. Sounds like a wonderful time!