Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cousins in Clay

Here is an assortment of Micheal's work.  I am not sure which piece we want to buy from him.  We want so many.  

Maxwell kept us company all day long.  Naps?  Not in Maxwell's vocabulary.
Here are some of my mushroom insect jars.
Assortment of our vases.
Some of Bruce's fossil imgery and agate pieces.


Alex Solla said...

Sam- Wondering about how you guys deal with pricing? How do you arrive at your prices? For that matter, what do you charge for your work? I dont think I have ever seen a price tag on any of your images and there's nothing on your website in terms of pricing. So how do you do it?

jimgottuso said...

beautiful pots everywhere, hope the sale went well... maxwell looks like he's looking for mischief