Friday, June 19, 2009

Samantha Henneke's: "Art of the State": Cedar Creek Gallery

The above is a detail of the Wasp and Red Flower Glaze Painting, 8" x 12" x 1.5",  and the price is $375.00.  The glazes are layered molybdenum crystalline brushed on using the cuerda seca technique.  I like the way that the glaze sometimes makes a glowing halo around the insect.
Below is a spring green crystalline glaze with a matte glaze at the top.  We like the smokey quality around the edge where the matte green glaze flows into the spotted crystalline glaze.  This piece is $360.00 and is 17" x 5" x 5".

This vase below is glazed with one of our favorite combinations we call King Black Acid Ala' Mode.  It is in homage of King Black Acid, a fantastic band out of Portland, Oregon.  We were introduced to this band when we bought the soundtrack to the Mothman Prophesies.   The cd came with two disks.  One with the soundtrack, and the other had music by King Black Acid.  We fell in love with their music, and bought all of their cds.   There was a period when that was all we listened to in the studio.  We worked out this combination of glazes during that period, hence the name of this combo.   The molybdenum crystals come out wonderfully iridescent when we use the black acid glaze.  The dollop of blue berry caramel ice cream at the top is a nice touch too.


JLK said...

Samantha, your bugs are just unbelievable, stunning, amazing. Everything looks so great! jennie

John Tilton said...

The wispy quality of that top glaze running into King Black Acid is just incredible. Like fire.

You have those Mo crystals just crying out in a very acidic way.



Linda Starr said...

Love the water color effect of the insect and the black acid is wonderful too.

Patricia Griffin said...

Your wasp glaze painting is incredible, beautiful.

Podusham said...

I am interested in purchasing the Wasp/Red flower glaze painting...who would I contact for this??

Bulldog Pottery said...

Thank you.

This piece is presently part of an exhibition at Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, North Carolina. Their website is:

1150 Fleming Road
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Telephone: 919-528-1041

You probably could call them up and see if it is still available.