Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luck's Legacy: Pictures from 11th Annual Luck's Legacy

Above Sid Luck is talking with a visitor about her new purchase. They are at the entrance of his shop.

Bruce and I visited our neighbor Sid and Matthew Luck of Luck's Ware this past Saturday. We put Gloria in charge of watching the shop until we got back. Knowing that she planned to run errands in Southern Pines we were only planning to stay a hour. We were having so much fun that we ended up staying for close to three hours enjoying the kiln unloading, talking with the potters there, and listening to the bluegrass band Steel Magnolias.

I stepped into to his shop to see what he had available and found many pots lining the shelves and people perusing the available pots. We got there early ( around 9:10 am ). There were people there before us with others arriving steadily during the morning.

Sid invites all of the potters that used to work with him to join Luck's Legacy on this day. One of the invitees was Shirby Cagle who lives down the road from us towards Star. She brought some of her work from a kiln she had just unloaded. We bought an ornament from her. I like to collect Xmas ornaments and I have a fondness for old trucks. She made a silhouette of a truck that reminded her of her father's truck that he used for work at the Mountain View Cannery. On the Celebration of Seagrove Potters website, there is a brief history of the Luck's Cannery with an image of an old truck. I bet this is what Shirby was referring too.

Bruce talked with Chad Brown. He is also a neighbor down the road from us towards Star. He demonstrates on Saturdays at the North Carolina Pottery Center. Bruce bought a small jug from him. It is the reddish one right below Chad's hand.

Seagrove Potters Sherri and Randy James of Dixieland Pottery, on Cagle Loop Rd., were all set up and ready to go. They had made these face mugs special for the day. Sherri talked with us about her grandfather Lucky Owens and the grave markers that he made. She mentioned that one was in the collection of the Smithsonian.

Every once in awhile a photo like below, serendipitously happens. A visitor is talking with Matthew Luck. If you follow the man's arm pointing at Matthew, as Matthew's arm is stretched down to pet his dog, his dog is pointing straight at the man's leg, and then the man's body completes the frame of the boy sitting in the distance selling his cabin sculptures. Matthew is sporting his Celebration of Seagrove Potters t-shirt. The Celebration is coming up in November on the 21st and 22nd. Interested in attending the Gala on Friday night, the 20th of November? You can buy tickets online.

The Steel Magnolia's were playing traditional bluegrass in the morning. Very enjoyable. We purchased a cd from them for Gloria and Ed, the workers back at home. It was the least we could do.

I think they were enjoying themselves, likewise we were enjoying them.

As I wondered over to the groundhog kiln to check out the status and take a peak inside, I found the men working on the barbecue. Bruce and I missed the feast. We were already 1/2 hour past when we were supposed to be back, and I talked Bruce into staying longer so I could watch Sid and company unload the kiln.

At the kiln they turned on the light to get a better look at what was inside and had a fan blowing in to help cool down the kiln. People were starting to gather around the kiln in anticipation for the unloading of the pots inside.

Here is the inside if the groundhog kiln.

Jason Luck joined the family for the weekend. He is preparing to start unloading the kiln.

Jason is inside the kiln handing the newly fired ware to the young fellow wearing the green hat and then the piece is handed to Sid. Sid inspects the pieces and then hands the pottery off to some more workers so they can start cleaning the pots, and have them ready for the customers to choose from. Very exciting to see fresh hot pots come out of the kiln.

Jason takes a break from inside the kiln. It is hot and muggy (inside and outside of the kiln), but all and all the excitement takes precedence. Below he is talking about a multi face jug that he just brought out. It sounded to me like he wanted to hold on to it.

We had a good time and recommend to everyone to come out next year for Lucks Legacy number 12! Very fun for the family and a must for your to do list.


jimgottuso said...

wow, what an event... looks like a great way to spend a day or two

cindy shake said...

What a great event! Sounds like it was easy for a whole 'lotta buying to go on as well. Fun.

Bulldog Pottery said...

There is a lot to look at around here in Seagrove. We started a new blog and are posting what the Seagrove Potters are doing as well as other stuff going on around here. Have you looked at it?