Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seagrove Potters For Peace : 200 Cups

I am getting ready to take Bulldog Pottery cups over to Cady Clay Works this afternoon to participate in the cup sale that starts this coming Saturday. I have chosen to have the cups be part of the display over at Beth and John's (Cady Clay Works).
It has been a long time, over three years, since I have glazed my pottery using my colors. It feels good to see the pretty colors again. I am happy and relieved with the results. A lot of the buckets of glaze had thickened and I had forgotten about some of the intricies of using the clear and semi matt glazes. I plan on glazing this way for the upcoming Potters Market in Charlotte.
A few newspapers have picked up the story. Here are links to the three of them.

Courier Tribune, Asheboro
News and Record, Greensboro
The Pilot, Southern Pines/Pinehurst

I signed the bottom 3 "image of a cup" T . This is short for Three cups of Tea, the name of the book by Greg Mortenson that Beth Gore read, the impetus for her idea.


Franny Loves Figs said...

I love those cups, those colors! I still have a couple pieces of yours that have some similarities.

Helen said...

It has been so long since we have seen those beautiful colors. Just makes me smile! said...

NPR here in Chapel Hill has also picked up the story, I just heard it on the radio a bit ago. Good luck and great work!!!!

Michael Mahan said...

Beautiful cups. Are you guys donating 200 cups? Or is that the total from all the potters?


Bulldog Pottery said...

I am not sure where the 200 cups comes from. I thought I read that on Meredith's blog. We made and donated 17 cups. I dropped them off at Cady Clay Works yesterday!

Michael Mahan said...

I hope we sell out Saturday. Wouldn't that be cool.