Friday, August 21, 2009

Drawn to Clay : Bruce Gholson

This Friday evening, is the opening to the "Drawn to Clay" exhibition at Claymakers in Durham. Here are the pieces that Bruce has selected to be in the show. Tracey Broome has a sneak preview on her blog of what can be seen at Claymakers, check them out here and here.

August 21 - October 10, 2009
705 Foster Street.
Durham, NC 27701


Bulldog Pottery said...

There were two great comments on here earlier that got deleted when I was trying to fix a problem. I thought it was with the post but it ended up being something funky with the facebook add on.

Hello Cindy, Bruce say thanks for the compliment about the fossil fish imagery on his pieces. One of these days we are going to start posting some pieces for sale. Probably on Etsy. After the research I have done they seem to be the most straight forward of all. One of these days it will happen. But if you like one of the pieces in particular give Claymakers a call!

Hey Tracey,
Thanks for posting the images of the pieces that will be on display at Claymakers. I hope you post more of tonights reception. Bruce and I were caught up in the old studio and the new studio to be. I wish we were able to make it. I really wanted to see all the work in one place. I want to come over before the show comes down.

cindy shake said...

I was so excited about the Show and got a chance to read more about it on Tracey's Blog as well. A bit too far for me to come in person, so I e-mailed and then called Claymakers and bought Bruce's Fossil Fish Yunomi!!! They will send it up to me next week -yippee for me! thanks.