Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd Celebration of Seagrove Potters -- Booth Locations

Bruce gets a Bingo! B7, pretty much the same spot as last year

A few nights ago there was a Celebration of Seagrove Potters meeting. We talked a bit about stuff, and then formed a line to pick booth locations. Bulldog will be set up at nearly the same location that we were for last years Celebration. Everything is going smoothly this year, and excitement is growing for this years Annual Celebration at the Luck's Cannery. A date was set for building clean-up, auction collaborations were discussed, and Bonnie showed new Celebration bags that will be available for purchase.
The North Carolina Pottery Center will have a booth as well, and will have two educational talks on Saturday afternoon. A lot goes into planning for the Celebration, and the potters are all working together to make our event a success. There will be a few food vendors and boy scouts selling biscuits, places for people to sit and rest, demonstrations in the afternoon for the visitors, and a $1 - $10 booth, only for children. The proceeds from these sales will be donated to the art program at Seagrove Elementary School and Westmoore Elementary school. The Seagrove Potters supply this booth with low cost items for the "children only" to choose from.

All of this has been a true learning experience, and there are always new things to consider coming around the corner. Nothing is ever perfect, and there are always issues to tweak and to improve on, in order to run the Celebration more smoothly.

We think the idea of drawing numbers for booth placement is one example of how the Celebration is working in the best interests of the Seagrove Potters. This is a more equitable way of operating our event than seniority privileges and featured potters. No one is stuck in the corner because of some political problem with the promoter. We, the Seagrove Potters, are the promoters of this event.

The women behind the table are Mary (From the Ground Up), Jennie (JLK Jewelry) and Susan Greene. Thank you for keeping all of this so organized and well done!

Below: From L to R: Cross Creek, Latham, Bulldog, Windsong, Country Pots

The Meeting

Bonnie from Great White Oak Gallery

Back L - R: Turn and Burn, Chad Brown, Touya, Johnston and Genthsis,
Front Center: Zehmer

From L-R Turn and Burn, Johnston & Genthesis, Caldwell-Hohl, Lufkin, Touya

From L-R: Touya, Turn and Burn, Johnston and Genthesis, Caldwell-Hohl, Lufkin, Kovack, Dixieland

From L - R Old Gap, Dover, Hatfield, Thomas, Dirt Works


cindy shake said...

Sounds like a lot of POSITIVE and good ideas for your event to run smoothly. I especially like the idea of the Children's Booth and drawing for booth spaces. The whole idea of a Children's booth goes beyond an affordable sales price, it is introducing young people to the value of craft, being able touch and hold works of art, and actually getting to choose a piece they are drawn to! Wonderful.

Michael Kline said...

I like the children's booth! I was just thinking of having some pots just for kids. But it wasn't as altruistic as your!

Michael Mahan said...

Great pictures and story. I think we should donate some proceeds to Robbins Elementary as well as Westmoore and Seagrove.

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hey Michael M., I also think that donating to Star Elementary too would be a good idea as well.