Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beginnings of a few Urns

Bruce has been working on throwing four large urns in preparation for the upcoming Masterworks display at the Carolina Designer Craftsman Fine Craft and Design Show (CDC). These urns are the beginnings of our collaboration piece for the Masterworks display. The CDC show takes place Thanksgiving weekend in Raleigh at the State Fair Grounds, a week after the 2nd Annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters.

The Carolina Designer Craftsmen's Definition of a Masterworks piece: "A piece that is superior in design, quality, originality, price and/or size to what you would routinely make and display in your booth. This piece must be in the same medium and style of work that you are creating now, just more elaborate and more unique. That dream piece, the one that you’ve held in your heart…that you have always wanted to make, or even a collaboration with another guild member."

Bruce is covering and putting the urn to bed for the night. It is too wet to take off the wheel so we figure it is happy just where it is.

Here are the other three urns under wraps. Bruce and I will select our favorite piece after the glaze firing for the CDC Masterworks display.

The tallest grayish bottle in the back is a Gala collaboration piece with Will McCanless. He will fire it with a crystalline glaze surface for the Celebration Seagrove Potters' Gala Auction on Nov. 20th here in Seagrove. We will be featuring some of the pieces for for the Celebration's Gala Auction on Three Corners Clay blog. (The Celebration will be open from 9-6 on Sat. Nov 21, and 10-4 on Sun. Nov 22 )

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cindy shake said...

Lovely shapes! They are huge! Looks like Bruce is saying "nighty nite big beautiful Urn!"