Monday, November 16, 2009

Lots of fun going on under the sun at Bulldog Pottery

And some more..... It is a wonderful day here. We are all busily getting pots finished and kilns fired. Bruce is working on putting handles on our Carolina Designer Craftsmen "Masterpiece" . Below Ed is working on sieving the slip that will be applied to the handled urns that Bruce has been working on. I am figuring out what decoration will be applied to his forms and then back to him for some more imagery. This is something new for us and we are excited to see the outcome.
And some...... Gloria is helping to clean the functional pots which we will put our Moka glaze. These pieces will be ready for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show in Raleigh on Thanksgiving weekend.

Ed is making mulch out of the leaves that have fallen from the trees and Gloria is cleaning away.
Samantha is performing the pot whisperer into her pieces before she begins to glaze.

And now... it is night time and Bruce is gluing on the pedestals rings onto our vases. These vases will have our molybdenum crystalline glazes on them and will be out for the Celebration this weekend!
I am getting tired about now and start looking around. I looked up and noticed the dinosaur gourds I grew back in 2002. Wow, have they been drying up there for that long?? Yes. We have to admit that they have been up there for the past how many years?

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