Friday, April 9, 2010

MudBucket Interview of Bulldog Pottery

We were interviewed by Jesse Lu Schreier. She writes a wonderful blog called MudBucket. We have been following her blog since last fall. Bruce bumped into it and was thrilled with the variety of ceramics that she finds and presents. Take a look at all of the information that she has collected together about ceramics artists. She has published her interview of us today. What fun.. thank you Jesse Lu.

Mud(Shot): Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke of Bulldog Pottery

by Jesse Lu Schreier

Jesse Lu writes on her blog, MudBucket, "Today, again, I have a first for you here on (Mud)Bucket. In conjunction with the series of studio tours, I hope to bring you a plethora of artist profiles this year. Please join me in welcoming our first artist profile from Bulldog Pottery in North Carolina. Bruce and Samantha were some of my first encouraging readers here on (Mud)Bucket and their crystalline glazes caught my attention immediately. It brings me great pleasure to be able to share with all of you their story and their fantastic work. Please peak in on their blog(which is also great) and their website to see more of this duo's work as I couldn't possibly share as many images as I wanted to. Make sure to click "Read more" at the bottom of the post to read the full interview and see more fantastic images."

Below is a picture of us, Moka and Babu. Moka and Babu are the original American Bulldogs of Bulldog Pottery.

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