Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Virginia Tech Hokies

Strummin' our guitar...... Gloria and Ed have made a major push to move from Blacksburg, VA. Two Va Tech Hokies drove the moving van on Saturday from Blacksburg to Seagrove with just about all of Ed and Gloria's furniture. The move is not quite finished yet, but is close to being completed. Blacksburg, VA is a wonderful place and it is always a treat to run into another Hokie. We will still visit Blacksburg because Bruce's sister lives there.
One of the first objects out was a guitar that I made with two other classmates during my senior year of high school art class. I am glad we saved it. I think it will be fun to find a place for it in our new home. There is also a painting I labored over during class and study hall that sometime I may take a picture of to show all of you.
We (Gloria, Ed, Bruce, Max, and I) are looking forward to the move being finished.

On another note: Tom Starland wrote a post on his blog, "Carolina Arts Unleashed" yesterday about the next event we are participating in. We will be in Durham this coming weekend on May 1st. We will be hosted by Julie Olson at White Oak Pottery along with Bev Nagy, Terry Gess, and Raven Rock Artworks. Tom also did a post a few days ago about our "Cousin" Mike and his kiln opening over in the mountains on May 8.
Thank you Tom

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danielle said...

If you love NC pottery I'm sure you've heard of Pittsoboro-based potter Mark Hewitt.

Check out this video interview with him about his exhibition at the Nasher.

Hewitt has worked on his pottery in North Carolina for nearly three decades. Hewitt draws inspiration from Asian and West African ceramics, and the native North Carolina potting traditions of Seagrove and the Catawba River valley.