Friday, June 25, 2010


We drove to Oklahoma to visit Bruce's family last week. On the way there we stopped off and visited our mountain "cousin" Micheal Kline and his family. The mountain artists were welcoming guests that weekend for the annual TRAC tour. This event and the River District Tour in Asheville came at an opportune time since we were driving by on our way to Stillwater. We visited Kyle Carpenter at his new studio and Clayspace. We also ran into Brian McCarthy, the owner of Highwater Clays at his educational and studio facility called The Odyssey Center. We had a good time visiting and seeing what was going on with some of the NC mountain potters including Shawn Ireland, Micheal Hunt and Naomi Daglish, Terry Gess, and Cynthia Bringle.

Here is Bruce bringing in a catfish at the lake

Bruce and his father got in 5 nights of fly fishing for catfish. One of the evenings was at a pond that was stocked with catfish, and the other four at a nearby lake, also with lots of nice sized catfish. Channel catfish are aggressive sight feeders, and will take a fly quite soundly. Our most successful flies were a couple of variations of "black woolly buggers".

Below was the night at the pond.
Samantha was the on sight photo journalist
Fishing was best and most beautiful right around sunset.
Bruce and Bob had these two on at the same time. Lipping catfish is not advised because they bite. Leave lipping to Noodlers and Okies.

I found this blog sight called Lopping Lair. You really need to check out the size of the catfish these guys caught.


Michael Kline said...

I won't be lipping any cats anytime soon. I'll leave that to Bruce or Bob!Beautifulpictures. I'm glad you were "on-sight" or maybe "in-sight" with yer camera!

Ron said...

That looks very relaxing! Glad you all are having some time away from the studio. Enjoy.

Michael Mahan said...

Love the pictures. I used to hate catching catfish, saltwater catfish, because of their poisonous dorsel fin.

Bulldog Pottery said...

It was very relaxing getting to fish that much, now it is time to get focused and back into the studio. The lipping will have to be done on pots now.

We just finished feeding our catfish here at home. They are the size that could be noodled with a pinkey finger :)

江婷 said...