Friday, June 11, 2010

Maxwell, Gardening, and Oklahoma

Ed and Gloria will be here in Seagrove taking care of Maxwell, shop, and the garden. Bruce and I are off to Stillwater, Oklahoma to visit family. I had plans to post pictures of the Cousins and let you know what an incredible weekend we had here. I still would like to do that and hopefully when I get back I will do this. To tell you the truth I don't know where this week went but we have been totally tired and can't even think clearly enough to do a good job of packing. We are going to take a vacation this weekend and visit our Cousin Mike out at his place and do the the Toe River Tour. Then its off to Asheville for the Studio Stroll, and to check out the Arboretum. Yesss... Our first time for these events. So please visit Gloria and Ed while we are away. I know they will enjoy seeing you. Jeffrey and Stephanie did a great post about Couins in Clay. To read about it until we get back check out Dean and Martin's Pottery blog.

What a fantastic song. Something we should sing everyday that we are alive.

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