Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Closer Look

We love walking through the garden to see all that is growing, buzzing, decaying.... Yesterday a very windy storm came through and knocked down many of the Tithonia, and between the heat and age, the cucumbers will be pulled today. I would like to get some books off the shelves and see what winter crops we can start to plant. Any suggestions? Something I have never done, but I would love to learn. A few years ago we bought vegetables from Christy and Joe and she had such a wonderful supply of greens. We ate like queens and kings that winter. They live in Wisconsin now and have started a pottery called Windy Ridge.

With the camera and zoom we can see fascinating textures, and phenomenas of nature.

The hollyhock after a rain.

The Tithonia with clients

Looks like something that belongs under water. ----a Cardoon flower

Here are the squash bug eggs. Try to get these off of your plant before they hatch into white hungry nymphs.

The squash bug.


Joe and Christy said...

root cellaring by mike and nancy bubel talks about the timing of planting for fall/winter eating. i also like how to grow more vegetables...by john jeavons for an abundance of good info. if you really want to geek out, check out elliot coleman's four seasons harvest, which is a little more technical.
love the pictures, and hope you are well!


Michael Mahan said...

Cool pictures. Incredibly cool. And thanks for the picture of the squash bug eggs. I'll keep an eye out for them. I guess you just squish them, huh?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Squish them. I know it sounds harsh. But they will kill our squash plants if we don't.

Anonymous said...

great photos !