Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bruce and Samantha - NC Clay Invitational at FRANK

Red Dung Beetle, porcelain glaze painting for the wall - Samantha Henneke

We were both asked to be apart of the Clay Invitational at FRANK, a new gallery in Chapel Hill. The "A" in Frank is supposed to be upside down but I am not sure how to get or if my computer could do this. There is an interesting line up of events happening at FRANK while the show is on exhibit. The itinerary is as follows:

Sept. 9, 4pm Kidzo Kids event/project on NC Clay Invitational; sign up at KIDZU

Sept.9, 6pm Daniel Johnston--making large pots, using traditions from North Carolina to Thailand

Sept. 10, 7-9 opening NC clay Invitational

Sept. 16, 6pm Starworks -- where and what is clay? The process of making the material....

Sept. 18, 1-5 Daniel Johnston demonstrated his unique style of making pots

Sept. 23, 6pm Mark Hewitt -- studio potter and renowned artist, Mark talks about his favorite North Carolina pots.

Sept. 30, 6pm Terry Zug -- author of "Turners and Burners" speaks on the traditions of clay in North Carolina

There are around 30 NC potters participating, and the exhibition is up until October 24.

Molybdenum Crystalline vase by Bruce Gholson

Molybdenum Crystalline vase by Samantha Henneke

Molybdenum Crystalline vase by Bruce Gholson

detail of a cup by Samantha Henneke

Red Beetle Covered Jar by Samantha Henneke

Star cups by Bruce Gholson
Skulls cup by Bruce Gholson


Tracey Broome said...

I'm glad you posted this. You would think as a potter living in Chapel Hill I would get an email or something from Frank about their shows. They are not doing the greatest job at marketing, or either they are marketing to people with a lot more money than me! your work is amazing as always!

Lulugroove said...

I love the beetle tile and the skull cup. If you have more of either at the Raleigh show in November, I will be taking them home to live with me. Great work!

Fat Chick said...

I agree with Lulugroove, but I can honestly say I love it all!
Good luck with the exibition, I wish I could see it in the flesh!

deanandmartinpottery said...

Great work! Wish ya'll the best with the show! Hope you sell out.

TropiClay Studio said...

Outstanding work! It should sell like hotcakes!