Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mint Museum Potters Market

Well it is a week and a couple of days after the "Potters Market" at the Mint (2010) and I am not sure if it feels like just yesterday or last month. We have been working on a few organizing/clean up projects. Not sure if anyone can tell or not but I do know that a few more boxes have been packed and moved, and furniture moved and waiting to be placed. Our main project in the next month is to get our hand building area set up, but we also would like to get moved out of our old throwing slash glazing area so we can begin to expand our gallery space. Oh yeah, did I mention our pottery making and glazing goals too? Smile.

We had a great time at the Mint Museum's "Potters Market". Talked with some old friends and met new ones too. We had a wide selection of pots that we took and Harriet Spleth helped us tremendously, from the unloading of the kiln (lots of grinding), and packing; and at the Mint, unpacking, setting up, making sales, packing, and then unpacking again when we got back home. The weekend had many stages and we appreciated her help in every way.

Harriet took this image of us as we put finishing touches on our booth

Here is a selection of our Moka glaze pottery

Bruce has begun to work with his Shino glazing again. We are excited about bringing some of our new techiniques and glaze developments into the future of his old friend Shino.

We love exploring shades of green.

Another image that Harriet took of me putting price tags on some vases.

This Thursday evening, the 23rd, Mark Hewitt will be giving a talk at FRANK , in Chapel Hill. We are planning to attend.

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Jay Wiese said...

Love the shino, Bruce!