Friday, September 10, 2010

Moka Glaze and Molybdenum Crystalline Vases

We unloaded our Moka glaze kiln yesterday and a grouping of molybdenum crystalline vases. We thought we would show you some of the pieces that came out. This morning we pack the pottery into boxes, load the van, and head to Charlotte for the "Potters Market"Mint Museum show this weekend. We have more vases that we will be firing in the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to working on our spotted crystalline mattes and a new glaze test or two.

A grouping of our Moka Glaze Pottery

Bruce is working with his Shino again. We are excited to bring this glaze back.
Moka Glaze mug by Bruce

Iron red molybdenum crystalline

Here is one of our crystalline mattes.

Thanks for the help Gloria and Harriet and Ed.

Just call me dotty Sam.


Michael Kline said...

Have a great show! Those pots will sell themselves! Maybe I'll see you at the Mint next year?!

Fat Chick Design said...

Oh my goodness! I love your work.
Can I feature you both on my artist spotlight?

Joaki said...

Beautiful crystals, you have very good work, congratulations. A hug Joaki

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi all thanks for the uplifting compliments. And we would love to be on your artist spotlight at Fat Chick Design.

Anonymous said...

Those Crystalline glazes are even more amazing in person. I saw them yesterday and was very impressed.