Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebration of Seagrove Potters 2010 s'more images

This is a view from our booth Saturday afternoon

We wanted to show you some more images of the fabulous weekend.
A view down one of the rows. Bruce took this image on his tippee toes with the camera held high

The North Carolina Pottery Center set up a booth. They sold books and raffle tickets for a covered jar that Mark Hewitt donated.

Blaine Avery of Avery Pottery and Tileworks

The wonderful magazine Our State set up and handed out sample copies of their magazine and sold subscriptions.

A birds-eye view of Dixieland Pottery

Jugtown Pottery settin up Friday morning


Cross Creek Pottery

Lisa Luther and Dan from Dirtworks. Lisa was trying to dodge my camera, but I was able to snap this one! She was exclaiming "the best wine glasses ever" made by Chad. I wish I had gotten an image of them. They were large enough to hold 1/2 bottle of wine.

STARworks Ceramics. They were selling pottery tools and clay.

David Stuemplfe Pottery

Whynot Pottery

Rhonda McCanless. She has started a monthly newsletter "In the Grove"

Touya Studios

Johnston and Gentithes Art Pottery

Turn and Burn Pottery

Old Gap Pottery

Blue Hen Pottery and Beverly Dickson from Artifex Gallery in Troy


kriips said...

Great job covering the event guys! You rock!
We feel honored to be a part of this creative and persevering bunch!
PS! Have your feet recovered?

Tracey Broome said...

Love the photos, but it sure makes me sad that I wasn't there! I have a good excuse though, I was firing a wood kiln with my friends!