Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glaze Tests - A few results


We unloaded the test glazes this morning and we are beginning to organize them so we can review, think, and talk about the results. Overall we are excited about the potential of the outcome. Some interesting new glazes came out that Bruce is developing.

This surface is intriguing to us and the glaze is on the Star Okeewemee clay so that is appealing as well. A little runny but we are used to handling that situation, though at the moment this time we are after glazes that we would not have to be concerned with the flowing issue. We may try a little adjustment with this one.

This black one caught our eye. It is thick and phat. A little bit more flux may help a bit. It is on our porcelain clay body.

This shade of yellow/orange may work for us as a contrast glaze inside of our cups and bowls. We are looking for color options and probably will do a few more colors in the next kiln loads.

This is an olive green over our red clay body with white slip that is taken away. This will be something fun to play around with too.
We will show more later. Back to work. Have a great evening. We have handles to pull on some mugs and some trimming to catch up on. Oh yeah and we will be throwing all of that clay we pugged this morning into cups and more pots, but probably not tonight.

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Anonymous said...

The black glaze looks like leather. Pretty cool.

Linda Starr said...

I like how you have your tiles arranged artfully in the kiln. That black is very nice looking and the yellow is good too. I see a bright orange in the kiln and some nice turquoise ones too. Can't wait to see them on your work.

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

I love the yellow/orange glaze on porcelain, very subtle. Some great glaze experiments!

Terry Rorison said...

Temp you are firing to??

I am working on Cone 6 oxidation and have posted results. Divided it into four groups as Blogspot lost my first massive posting of them all together. Photos and formulas.


kriips said...

Love the before and after shot of the tests!
The yellow/orange looks yummy!