Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home for the Holidays

We are home for the holidays with a shop full of pottery. Our hours are the usual... Tues-Sat from 10-5 with Mon. and Sun. 98.5% chance that we are open. On Sunday or Monday if you are making a special trip to Bulldog please call to make sure that we are not running errands or we maybe enjoying a museum exhibition in your neck of the woods.

Did I say that our shop is full of many forms and glazes? Walking into our gallery is like going into a confectioner's shop full of eye candy. We gaze at the results of our labors and find many different things that we want to study more intently. It is frequent that we must immediately pack up our newest pieces for shows, without having the luxury of time to ponder the successful results of our experimentations. It is very enjoyable for us to be able to have this down time to look and make adjustments in our plans for future pots and their surfaces.

We have been recuperating this past week from the big August- December push and we are ready to get rolling again today. Yunomis are in our immediate future as we have five each to be shipped by the first of the year to be in the annual Akar gallery's Yunomi show. And teapots, we have been invited to be in the Tea Time Teapot show at the North Carolina Pottery Center.

Plans are in the beginning stages for new projects, and we are gearing up to organize our new hand building space, glazing area and glaze lab. So much to do, so little time, its wonderful to have a full plate.

We have been working on the planning stages for Cousins in Clay May 28&29 2011. Invited clay artists this upcoming year will be Jack Troy, Peter Lenzo, and Michael Kline. We are thrilled about having such strong clay artists joining us here for that weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Now for some hot tea... today we will be trying out Madagascar Vanilla.

Here are some over all views of the pots in our shop. Detail views to follow.

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