Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walk About

This past Sunday we woke up to a snowy landscape. After seeing many of my friends on face book post their experiences with these days of snow, I decided to pop on my macro lens and go for a quick walk about. I love the way the snow will pile up on a branch or leaf. The natural curves and shapes are inspiring. When we lived in Alfred the skies were grey most of the time, and we found ourselves complaining and wishing the sun would come out. There were many days in a row when the sun would not appear, giving many students from California the sun withdrawal syndrome (SWS), also known as Swiss, or is it SAD for "seasonal affective disorder". It was serious enough that they had annual workshops to address it. While Bruce was in grad school we acquired our first American Bulldog - Moka. I would walk Moka with a friend of mine Priscella and her large dog Cheves. One of those gloomy days that we went walking together, when after I finished thinking about how grey and yucky the day was, Priscilla looked up and said, "I love this weather". " Winter colors are my favorite, look at how beautiful the sky is". "Really??" I asked (all that I saw was that the sun was no where to be seen). And she replies "Yes just look at the lavenders, mauves, and pinks in the sky". I peered up and started really looking, and then began to see what she was talking about. I love experiences like that. When something or somebody can just turn your world around to see things in a somewhat different way.


Jeff said...

I love this post. Was Moka named for the glaze, or the other way around?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Jeff, The glaze combo we do is named after our dog Moka. Our glaze name Moka can be a little misleading because there is a British decorating technique called Mocha

from wiki "Mocha decorated pottery is a type of dipped ware slip-decorated, lathe-turned, utilitarian earthenware), mocha or mochaware, in addition to colored slip bands on white and buff-colored bodies, is adorned with dendritic (tree-like or branching) markings resembling the natural geological markings"

We are glad you like the post! Thanks!

cookingwithgas said...

those photos are wonderful- like looking at a frozen insect world.
Great Post -thoughtful and thought provoking.

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Meredith, I think you are right about the frozen insect world. The wind was blowing, but everything looks so still in these images.

Susan said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It made me look up. Ridiculous to need a push to do that. The sky here yesterday around 4:30 was amazing. Happy New Year filled with great sky moments!

Bulldog Pottery said...

I am glad you enjoyed reading this post Susan. For the most part I enjoy warmer weather more then the cold of winter, so if I purposely look to find the beauty and inspiration in the winter months, it helps me better weather the cold. I think that the day Priscilla pointed out to me the colors in winter gray will stick with me always.
Happy New Year to you too! And here is to "looking up" and seeing the roses in the gray!