Monday, February 28, 2011

Glazing porcelain pots for the NCPC Conference

In the image above Bruce is glazing a covered ginger jar shape. So close the glaze came to spilling out over the rim of the gray bucket.

We glazed and loaded a kiln full of porcelain pieces for the Chinese overglaze painter that will be here this coming weekend in Asheboro. The annual North Carolina Potters Conference takes place at the Randolph Arts Guild the first weekend of March. Dwight had asked us to make several pieces for the visiting Chinese artist. The pieces will be out of the kiln soon. We are hoping for the best. Glazing our work without color i.e. clear glaze is something that we do not have experince with, so this is a first timer.

There is still room to sign up for this weekend's conference. What are you waiting for? It will be loads of fun! Five Jingdezhen Porcelain Masters will be here demonstrating, throwing, trimming, handbuilding, overglaze painting, and underglaze painting.

Luckily the glaze did not spill over.
A sigh of relief

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