Monday, February 7, 2011

Porcelain for Chinese Master Over-glaze painter

We received a phone call the other day from Dwight Holland asking Bruce if he would throw several porcelains pots for the upcoming North Carolina Potters Conference. The 2011 NC Potters Conference will be a once in a life time experience for us local potters. Five master Chinese artists will be traveling to Asheboro (only 15 min away from us) from Jingdezhen, China. These pieces will be glazed with a clear glaze for the Chinese master over-glaze painter. There will be a Master Trimmer, Master Thrower, Master Slab Maker, Master Over-Glaze Painter, and a Master Under-glaze Painter. There will be lectures by three other scholars, but hey why don't you go on over to the Randolph Arts Guild and read all about it, sign up and come and enjoy the fabulous weekend! We will be there!
Dwight Holland is a long time resident of Asheboro and has been a veritable rock for the NC Potters Conference for the past 24 years, and a pottery champion throughout the world. The Randolph Arts Guild is a treasure to the community and has hosted this annual North Carolina Potters' Conference for 24 years. They have brought in famous potters from all over the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and now China! This annual conference is truly a great experience for potters of all levels.

Bruce is throwing a couple of platters and smaller plate size forms, along with a few vases. I will try my hand at some vases too.

This table of vases are finished and waiting to dry. We are getting ready for Daffie Days here at Bulldog Pottery on March 25-27.


Michael Kline said...

Very cool! Maybe you'll get a couple of passes to the conference?!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hey Michael! We are going to volunteer.