Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little Bit of This and That

We always say that we will throw our rings at the beginning of the cycle, but alas we have not. Bruce and I have been busy throwing rings yesterday for our vases. Our crystalline glazes are very fluid and these rings will be glued to the bottom of our vases. Bruce is showing me a new technique he has figured out to get the rings to snap apart cleanly without breaking.

Yesterday in the studio we did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. When we are at the end of a cycle of throwing and preparing for glazing, we find ourselves performing lots of little duties. Then we get to settle in and stay in one place for awhile to glaze.

Below Samantha is cleaning up one of her cups in preparation to load into the bisque kiln.

Ed is wiping off the dust from our vases. The vases need to be free of dust before the glaze is applied.

Bruce is vacuuming out the electric kiln. We do this before all firings in order to keep the elements clean from debris. They last longer this way. Elements can be expensive, and if something gets lodged in between the wires they will burn out and have to be replaced, which is also a tedious process.

Samantha has a group of small bowls drying waiting to be loaded into a kiln for a bisque firing. Maybe in a few days they will be dry enough.
Lots of potential pieces to put through the trial of glazing and firing.

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Wax Beach Artist said...

I love when you post the process of your creations. It is fun to see all the different steps it takes to create one piece. Those tall vases are very cool looking, I hope you post them again when finished.