Monday, March 14, 2011

Rings and Wax and Listening to Stories

Today was a day of prep work for a marathon of glazing vases. We have a kiln cooling down so tomorrow we will be able to unload a group of vases. It always seems to take us a couple of kiln firings to get back into the swing of things. Being away from glazing for a couple months, we can forget just how thin or thick a glaze needs to be. Usually after the first kiln we have a good sense of the direction we are going to go in. Below I am waxing the bottom of a piece that will be dipped in glaze.

Bruce is lapping flat the rings and the vase bottoms so that they fit seamlessly when glued together. He has developed a particular way to apply the rings to the vases which helps the grinding stage go a little bit easier.

When we glaze we like to listen to podcasts. Our favorite is Mike Bennet and his book Underwood and Flinch. This is an ongoing Vampire story. We have finished the episode he has recently released where he tells us the story of Lord Underwood's beginnings. We highly recommend this particular podcast. Tomorrow we look forward to settling in and listening to the beginning of Book three of the Guild of the Cowry Catchers by Abigail Hilton.


Michèle Hastings said...

what a great idea to listen to podcasts together while working. jeff and often listen to NPR or music on my iPod but sometimes get bored with it. i think we will start downloading some new content! i love NC but i am really missing the Boston radio that we got in NH. starting to feel a little out of touch musically. any suggestions?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Michele, We have really enjoyed listening to the story podcasts. We discovered them at the beginning of last summer and have been listening ever since. As far as music I have not found anything except I did download NPR all songs considered and some others like that but have not listened much. I am totally out in left field with new music. There is the Dead Pod if you like Grateful Dead. A new concert every week.