Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cousin Michael has arrived, critique of mud puddle piece ensues

There is nothing like a fired piece of mud puddle. Bruce collected these from the property when our land was graded and the dirt was exposed to rain and sun. These shapes would crack out and Bruce collected them. We had some space while loading the kiln so Bruce put in a couple of his mud puddles.

A studio potters' Found Art entertainment.

And yes we like to fire mud dauber's nests too. You will find these in many a potter's studios. Fred Johnston at J.&G. Art Pottery has some nice salt glazed ones.

The kiln will be unloaded tomorrow. Pottery will be polished, lawn mowed, canopy's will go up, and many other things that we will need to do to get ready that we have not thought of yet. Cheers.

The SavorNC - wine, food, travel, decor, magazine wrote about Cousins in Clay today on their blog. "If North America has a Pottery State it must be North Carolina"


Ron said...

I'm looking forward to coming out to see you all this weekend. That mud puddle clay piece has nice color. Cant' wait to see all the pots!!!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hey Ron, Look forward to seeing you this weekend! Good Luck at Osmosis and we will make sure that we send people on over to Tom Grays!

Michèle Hastings said...

we have fired some mud dauber nests since our arrival in NC... i bet Fred's salt glaze ones are pretty cool. good luck this weekend, jeff and i or at least one of us will get out to your place on Saturday.