Friday, May 13, 2011

Finishing up in the studio for a Moka glaze kiln

We are very focused making our work for the upcoming Moka glaze kiln. Cousins in Clay is in two weeks and we are just about at that point to start glazing. After we throw the series of pots it takes us a few more days, and sometimes a week to finish them. Making sure the lids fit, waiting for the right dryness/wetness to trim the forms, and put the handles on.
We had such a great time at the American Art Pottery Conference and have been wanting to post images, but we need to be focused on getting ready for Cousins. After Cousins we will post some of the pottery we saw there.
Friends of ours dropped by the other day. Thank you Jeff , Tess, and Richard for the yummy ice cream!

Maxwell loves to play this game with his ball. He will push the ball off of his bed and then we bounce it back to him. I often wonder just how long he would play this game. How many bounces? We have not figured it out. He always wins.

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Jeff said...

You are most welcome! I forgot to ask what Ed and Gloria like (what flavors, that is).