Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glazing, Glazing for Cousins in Clay

Cousins In Clay is just around the corner. This time next week, Michael Kline will be here and we will begin to set up the tents for Jack Troy and Peter Lenzo. This is a very exciting time for us. Of course we want to get more made and glazed than we have time for. We will focus on our Moka glaze for this week. We will have assorted mugs, bowls, covered jars, and plates. Bruce is working with his shino this week as well. I really wanted to have some of my glazed insect paintings, but there is not enough time to work on them, and get the functional pots glazed too. If only we could warp into another dimension and have our other selves helping out too.

We have been moving around too much to listen to our new podcast story by A.G. Holyfield called Murder on Avedon Hill. It is a mystery filled with vampires, moonbeasts, and a mysterious group of people living in a walled town called Avedon Hill.

Bruce has been glazing out back and the resident bird family has been a bit upset with him for hanging out in their shed.

I am blowing out a bit of sponge crumbly from the cup before I line it with Tenmoku. We would like to do some tests this summer of various Tenmoku's. I remember back at Peter's Valley Victor Babu brought out a rutile gold wash to brush over his tenmoku. Maybe this can be one of our many reduction glaze tests that we are planning to do this summer.
Can you believe I have had this shirt since I was ten years old?

Bruce is drawing in his details on his fish. I am so glad that we are giving ourselves enough time for him to focus on his shino glazing.
Ed is helping us wash pots. He has also been putting in the new pantry shelves and laying down the floor in the office. Gloria has painted the main room and planted many tomatoes! A lot to be done before the Cousins Come next week!!!!
Bruce is still out back and the birds are flying around waiting for him to schmooze. But they just will have to get used to him being back there this week. Their nest is somewhere behind the clay mixer in the corner past Bruce. One of the birds is frequently sitting on the outer corner of the door telling B to beat it.

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