Monday, May 23, 2011

Lets Fire it on up!

Well, yesterday was focused on putting the rest of the pots into the kiln. It has been awhile since we have fired our gas kiln. We have focused our attentions on our crystalline, decorative glazes, and throwing our vase forms.

Bruce first feels compelled to gather all of the bamboo sheaths. These are pieces that the timber bamboo sheds off as the new shoots grow up. This is the time of year that the shoots come up out the ground and I bite my nails, wondering just how far has it spread? Bruce really wanted bamboo. There is a beautiful golden timber bamboo at Wing Haven in Charlotte. Oh my, just gorgeous.
Bruce is explaining all of the uses this can have. How many can you come up with? Can you say compulsive collector?
Well it is back to loading the kiln and we have made lots of mugs and cups this time. Such a wonderful functional form. The cup. Drinking out of art. The ultimate.
Bruce pulled out our old bucket of a red shino that we used for a couple of years back in the early 2000's. Very exciting to unearth old glazes that we loved then (and now).
Max is hanging outside our hog parlor. The grass is a more comfortable place to be then where we are. Yes Max does care where he sits. Grass is much better than mud. He came up with Gloria to check out the garden and what needs to be done next.
Bruce is bricking up the kiln and right on time! We are very excited that we have a couple more hours before we go to bed. Just enough time to pop open our Ranger and watch a couple episodes of Modern Family. Very very funny stuff. We polished off the second pint of Ice Cream that Jeff brought to us from Maple View Farm over in Hillsborough, NC. The flavor was peach! Since the Peach ice cream we ate the Double Choclate. Oh my gosh. It is like a cold fudge brownie.
Oh yes one last thing to do. Take the can off of the chimney. Something that is nice to do before it gets too dark. Loading a kiln during day light savings time is so much nicer than in the winter. Having the last 4 hours of light really makes a big difference.
Today we fire and clean up for this coming weekend!

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