Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebration of Seagrove Potters 2011

We are already back in the studio today making pots. Getting ready for our holiday kiln opening on Saturday, December 17.  This past weekend was fantastic and we felt elated during the whole weekend.  It is great to see all of our Seagrove Pottery friends, both potters and pottery lovers.  We are so busy in the studio during the year that time can fly by before we connect again. This is a special time for us to visit with one another and find our what is new in our pottery community.

On Friday evening, the Gala is fun and well attended evening.  Attending the Celebration Gala is the price of a ticket, which provides you food, music, the famous one-of-a-kind Seagrove Potter collaboration auction, and ability to have first pottery choice from the potters' booths. This year the potters that belong to the Co-op of Seagrove Potters (a shop located in downtown Seagrove) got together to decorate a large vase that was turned by David Fernandez. We all decorated and signed the piece with our individual style.   It is quite a feat to bring 10 different potteries together to all work on one piece during the different stages of drying, firing, and glazing. The woman that won the bid on this piece took home an art work full of energy, commitment, and cooperation.

The Co-op of Seagrove Potters at the auction Friday evening at the Celebration's Gala

Ahhh yes and this year we were so happy to see that the t-shirt committee added on sweatshirts to their line of Celebration of Seagrove Potters attire. We are a big fan of sweatshirts around here on the Bulldog Pottery homestead.
Ed purchases Celebration of Seagrove Potters sweatshirts from a friendly Celebration volunteer

Bruce, Ed, and Samantha at the "Celebration" sportin their new hoodies

I could not resist taking some pictures of these shoes. These are awesome. If you like looking at shoes like I do you can find some great shoe images on tumblr. 

We had many conversations this past weekend, sold lots of pottery, and still have plenty of work left for our shop for the holidays.  We will be open from now until the end of the year and adding more pieces by December 17th for our Moka glaze kiln opening.
Bruce in our booth at the Celebration of Seagrove Potters

This was Urmas's last night here in Seagrove.  He was visiting Seagrove for two weeks with a group of Estonian ceramic instructors and students, as well as clay students from East Carolina University. They were all involved in building a wood kiln at Anne Partna's and Adam Landman's, Blue Hen Pottery.  It is always a treat to meet artists from another part of the world. 
Samantha and Urmas 
  Earlier that Friday, Urmas and the Estonian and the ECU potters were putting together an exhibit called the Transparent Kiln at the North Carolina Pottery Center.  After they fired the wood kiln that they built this month at Adam and Anne's Blue Hen Pottery, they re-stacked the fired clay pieces exactly as they were stacked in the kiln using glass shelves. In this installation you can see the evidence of the flame patterns that went through the kiln revealed by the surface effects the fire left upon the work.  Hot spots and cold spots are also evident because of the cone packs that were distributed throughout the kiln.

Potters from Estonia constructing the Transparent Kiln Exhibit

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