Monday, February 27, 2012

North Carolina Potters Conference Number 25

Cynthia Bringle
This coming weekend is the 25th Annual North Carolina Potters Conference at the Moring Arts Guild in Asheboro, NC. This year's conference has a different twist.  
The following three premier potters were invited to share their techniques and wisdom.

Cynthia Bringle - North Carolina
John Glick - Michigan 
Jack Troy -  Pennsylvania

These three potters were given the opportunity to invite a young potter that they felt noteworthy, to demonstrate as well.

Cynthia invited Ronan Peterson from North Carolina
John Glick invited Martha Grover from Montana
Jack Troy invited Jake Johnson from Pennsylvania

So that is 6 different views and pottery techniques, We are psyched!

There is also an awesome line-up of speakers! 
Louise Cort, curator of the Ceramics collection at the Freer in Washington D.C.
Walter Ostrom, a major educator in contemporary ceramics, and retired professor from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada.
Bob Armfield a local potter from Ramseur, NC who worked with Walter and Dot Auman.
Mark Hewitt from Pittsboro, NC who was featured in the PBS series Craft in America series.

The images that are shown here are pieces by the invited pottery demonstrators. These pieces will be on view at the Moring Arts Guild throughout this week and during the weekend.

A Close-Up of the handle on Cynthia Bringle's  Vessel

Jack Troy

Close-up of shell mark and wood-fired flash on Jack Troy's vase form

John Glick

Close-up of glaze pattern on John Glick's super large platter

Ronan Peterson on left, middle is Marth Grover, right is Jake Johnson

Close-Up view of Ronan Peterson's Covered Jar

An overhead view of Marth Grovers's Basket Form

Handles on Jake Johnson's Vase form


David Barber said...

Hello, thanks for posting these pics - it makes me realise how much I still have to learn!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Your Welcome Dave, The Potters Conference is the first weekend of March. It takes place in Asheboro, NC at the Randolph Arts Guild, I know you would have a great time!