Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daffie Days Full Steam Ahead

We pulled out our first kiln load a handful of days ago, our second one this past Sunday, and last night we just turned on our last kiln that will be out on Thursday. We are pleased with the results and the colors are springy! I am going to do my best to glaze another grouping of pottery that will come out on Saturday. These will be mugs and small bowls with my transparent colors on them. It won't be a full load but I think it will be fun to squeeze in a few more pieces for the weekend.

And... Hot off the Press- The Carolina Arts Unleashed- "Spring Flowers Came Early this Year But You Still Have Time for “Daffie Days” at Bulldog Pottery in Seagrove, NC – Mar. 30 – Apr. 1, 2012" by Tom Starland of Carolina Arts.

Below we have posted a few images from the past week of glazing. It is quite a process to see our pots from the beginning to the end. Always something going on and another step to make.  How wonderful it is to be a potter.

Bruce Gholson glazing one of his vases

Samantha Henneke glazing a few mugs

Bruce Gholson glueing rings to the bottom of vases 

Gloria and Ed the magic sieving duo

Samantha Henneke glazing one of her vases

Samantha looking at one of the recent vases and Max 
The temperature was a little chilly yesterday and after our new haircuts I had to put on one of my hats. This winter has been so warm that I have not had to wear these very often.

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