Wednesday, April 18, 2012

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Grand Opening

Lustre Shino Pitcher by Bruce Gholson
 This weekend the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will have their grand opening. They have built onto their existing building a large sphere. It will be their new Research Center. Bruce's pitchers will be among a group of pitchers that will be used in the opening ceremonies.

"Water collected from rivers, oceans and lakes around the world will be brought to the stage to symbolize the global nature of the Nature Research Center and acknowledge the life-giving water of planet Earth."

You can read about the opening ceremony "Nature Research Center will open Salute to Water" in the News and  Observer.
Water was collected from all over the world. Some of the water that was collected from the various bodies of water are the Tokyo Bay (Japan), Yukon River (Alaska), Dragon Bay Lake (Beijing), Dalyan River (Turkey),  Aplen Snow Melted (Germany), River Ghanga (India), Straight of Megellan (South America), and Moskava River (Russia). A total of around 42 Great Waters from around the world.

What an awesome idea!

Another article about the NC Museum of Natural Sciences opening can be read in The Pilot, "New Nature Research Center Opens at Museum".

"Nature Never Sleeps" is the theme of the opening. It lasts for 24 hours. Events starting at 5:00pm Friday until 5:00 pm Saturday.
Straw Yellow Pitcher with Red Swoop by Bruce Gholson

Greyish Whitish Pitcher by Bruce Gholson

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