Monday, May 21, 2012

Carolina Arts - Big Plans for Memorial Day Weekend

"Making Big Plans for Memorial Day Weekend May 26 and 27, 2012" by Tom Starland.
To read this awesome article in full, visit Carolina Arts Unleashed.

 ......."These kind of events are usually a less than free time for Max the mad wonder dog, but some might see him and get a chance to toss a red ball – once or a hundred times. And, as a bonus you might also get to chat with Ed or Gloria Henneke. A special note to Ed – I will not bring up the Michigan vs. Virginia Tech game, so there is no reason to make excuses to be out of town.".......

Tom Starland writes weekly on his blog "Carolina Arts Unleashed" about specific Art events.  In his most recent blog post he writes all about the upcoming Cousins in Clay weekend.  Along with our event there will be a couple of other kiln openings happening here in Seagrove.  Donna Craven Pottery will be hosting a kiln opening in conjunction with Cousins in Clay on Saturday May 26 and Whynot Pottery will have a Spring into Summer open house at their place on May 26.

Tom and Linda Starland, creators of Carolina Arts Newspaper, have been in the business of spreading Arts information about North and South Carolina for 24 years. At one time it was printed in newspaper form, but several years ago they changed to an online Arts newspaper.  Every month they post a new monthly edition for the Carolina Arts in full color online.  They continue to have record breaking downloads. Between May 1- May 13, Carolina Arts had 103,921 downloads for the May issue.  We placed a colorful informational ad for Cousins in Clay that you will find on page 38 along with Rhonda McCanless' new column "In the Grove".

On page 39 you can read all about this year's Cousins in Clay pottery event.

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