Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glorious Pottery Firing

We are happy with our kiln results from yesterday.  Always a few bugs to work out--one of the things that keeps our work alive and fresh for us.  Over all, one of the best reduction cone 9/10 firings in a long while.  Bruce is working with trying out some new applications with the shino glazes.

Ed and Gloria are always helping with our final push, and assisting us through the last part of the studio cycle. Today they will help us fill the van with pottery while we run around and gather odds and ends for "Pottery on the Hill" in Washington D.C.  "Pottery on the Hill" is a fundraiser for the cultural center named Hill Center at the old Naval Hospital located on 921 Penn. Avenue (202-549-4172).

Ed and Gloria will be here in Seagrove playing with Mr. Mighty Maxwell and maintaining our Bulldog Pottery shop- our regular hours open from 10-5.

Ed walking some pots down from the kiln

Bruce's shino powder jars, love the carbon trapping

A new color dot for dotty Sam!

Here is the new glaze as color field

Bruce's shino glazes

Beautiful- Waiting for me on the water spicket


HeidiMCF said...

Gorgeous! I miss shino glazes, that carbon trapping is so magical.

Julia said...

Those shino powder jars are absolutely amazing!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Boy, you aren't kidding! Great firing and love, love, love the shino trap~

Bulldog Pottery said...

Thank you!