Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebration of Seagrove Potters - Collaboration and Postscript

Bruce Gholson and Ben Owen III working on a collaborations for  Celebration of Seagrove Potters

The past few weeks Bruce Gholson and Ben Owen III have been working together on some collaboration pieces for the "Celebration of Seagrove Potters".  This Friday evening all, (if they come out), but at least one of these will be on the auction block for the Friday evening Gala. The Gala begins Friday evening at 6:00pm-9:00pm and is the kick-off for the biggest Seagrove Pottery Event of the year. Just about all of the Seagrove Potters bring their work to the Historic Luck's Cannery to sell and show their pottery. I am always amazed, thrilled, and in awe when I see so many pots all under one roof. 

Bruce threw a couple of his gourd shaped vases for Ben III to glaze, and Ben III threw a large vase for Bruce to draw his fossil fish imagery onto. One of the vases turned out beautifully, and we are waiting to see what comes out of Ben's kiln today.  All of the collaborations that will be auctioned at the Gala Friday evening, are one of a kind pieces.  We can't wait to see what has been created in the past couple of months by the other collaborating Seagrove Potters. 

 November 16th - 18th, 2012 
Nov. 16 - Friday evening gala from 6:00pm-9:00pm
Nov. 17 - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Nov. 18 - Sunday 10:00am- 4:00pm
Historic Luck's Cannery is located around a mile from Seagrove on Pottery Highway 705

Bruce working on the first finished piece, see last pic.

 Lets pick out another piece just in case.

Ben signing one of the three collaboration pieces.

Maxwell giving Bruce pointers about his slip trailing technique. 

Thrown by Bruce Gholson and Ben Owen III for the Gala Collaboration Auction- Nov. 16 2012


We just received these images from Ben. Just in time for this blog post. 
Looking good. How exciting!

Thrown by Bruce Gholson and glazed by Ben Owen III for the Gala Collaboration Auction- Nov. 16 2012

This piece is still cooling down. It will come out of the kiln this afternoon. Ben took a quick peek and photo for us to see.

Thrown by Ben Owen III - fossil fish decoration by Bruce Gholson and then glazed by Ben


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Wow! beautiful. great to meet you too at the hospice fundraiser at the NC country club.

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