Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Endless Variations II: A Shino Extravaganza" - NCECA Houston, Texas

Bruce Gholson- Shino Dome Covered Jar

Bruce's shino dome jar will be on display at the upcoming NCECA in Houston, Texas. He will be part of an invitational exhibit curated by Malcolm Davis named "Endless Variations II: A Shino Extravaganza" at the Lone Star College - North Harris. This show opens on Feb. 26 and runs through March 26th, 2013.

The most recent news and it's good news, is this exhibition will be on the NCECA's "Earth/Energy exhibition bus schedule, downtown tour Wednesday March 20 2:15pm - 5:25pm. 

This exhibition became a tribute to the vision and inspiration of Malcolm Davis who organized the first, “Endless Variations” show for NCECA 2005 at Baltimore Clayworks, this new exhibition, presents a range of shino forms and surfaces, including one offering from each of the 60+ invited potters, masters and innovators. Organized by Malcolm Davis and Sharon Kelley Warrington. 
Malcolm Davis passed away unexpectedly soon after his exhibition plans were accepted.

You can read Malcolm's closing talk at a previous NCECA in Philadelphia a few years ago. 

Lone Star College-North Harris, Fine Arts Foyer, 2700 W W Thorne Dr, Houston, 281-618-5617. Feb 26-Mar 26. Mon 9AM-4PM, Tue 9AM-4PM, Wed 9AM-4PM, Thu 9AM-4PM, Fri 9AM-4PM Sat Closed, Sun Closed. Reception .

Here is a list of the potters that are in the exhibition.

"Endless Variations II: A Shino Extravaganza"- Robert Archambeau, Ted Adler, Dan Anderson, Ben Bates, Lynn Smiser Bowers, John Britt, William Brouillard, Connie Christensen, D. Michael Coffee, Tom Coleman, Carolanne Currier, Malcolm Davis, Bruce Dehnert, Paul Dresang, Judith Duff, Rosti Eismont, Angela Fina, John Glick, Bruce Gohlson, Steve Grimmer, Chris Gustin, Lisa Hammond, Catharine Hiersoux, Dale Huffman, Matt Hyleck, Mike Jabbur, Nick Joerling, Jake Johnson, Jan McKeachie Johnston, Randy Johnston, Mary Law, Dick Lehman, Brenda Lichman, Lee Love, Chris Luther, Warren MacKenzie, Janet Mansfield, Marta Matray, Paul McCoy, Kent McLaughlin, Brad McLemore, Joyce Michaud, Tony Moore, Hank Murrow, Donovan Palmquist, Gillian Parke, Roberta Polfus, Michael Prokos, Colleen Riley, Nathan Ring, Beth Rohman, Deborah Rosenbloom, Toni Ross, Rob Sieminski, Joe Singewald, Al Tennant, Jack Troy, Mila Visser t’Hooft, Sharon Kelley Warrington, Deb Williamson, Charity Davis-Woodard, Malcolm Wright, Peter Yamaoka, Sandy Lockwood, Madeleine Hayes, Reena Kashyap.

Poster for "Endless Variations II: A Shino Extravaganza"

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