Friday, May 29, 2009

Maxwell and his New Red Ball

Early last week Maxwell dropped his favorite red ball in the pond.  Bruce tried his best to rake it out, but it was gone.  I quickly bee lined it to the closest store, and bought him another, but no, even though it was the same color red, it was not like his beloved red ball.  He made do, but voiced his opposition and disappointment.   The ball just did not bounce right or have the appropriate weight.  It smelled funny.  I went online to look for a red ball just like the one we purchased in Richmond.  Yes! I found a place to purchase one just like the red ball he dropped in the pond.  We proceeded to buy two.  They came in the mail today.  Maxwell is very well pleased.  We even tested him by throwing the other ball, by sly substitution.  But when he caught up to and grabbed it, he dropped it in disgust, and came back for the real McCoy. 


cookingwithgas said...

a dog and his toy, how cute is that- they always know!
Smart to buy two!

Anonymous said...

is that a french bulldog? there's one at the end of my street that looks just like that named roscoe. he's a very nice dog albeit a bit hyper but probably because not enough people stop by to pet him

Bruce and Samantha said...

Maxwell is an English Bull Staffordshire Terrier. He may get to around 40 pounds at maturity. Some people call them their piggies because they snort, or call them their little monkeys because when they get excited they scream.