Monday, October 11, 2010

Figuring out the schedule.

We are gearing up for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters and our December Kiln Opening on the fourth. We are figuring out our schedule. Sometimes this can become complicated since we like to do two different bodies of work. The Moka glaze functional pottery is fired at a different temperature and uses different clays than out molybdenum crystalline glaze. This clay and process detail just adds a bit more adjustments into scheduling of what we do and when.

So as of now we will be firing our Moka glaze pottery for the Dec. kiln opening, meaning this design style will be fired after the Celebration. For the Celebration we will work on our crystalline glazes. With all of this studio detail explained, we will still have Moka glaze for the Celebration and we will still be making our crystalline glazed work for Dec. 4. Yes maybe a bit confusing, we can get confused too, and we are always reworking our schedule. It all just seems to work out in the end.

So if you are wondering what we are making and what we will be having in our shop for this coming up holiday events. Stay Tuned and follow along. We are excited to find out too!

Here is a new angle I thought I would try out. Bruce's knees look enormous.



Linda Starr said...

You figuring out your schedule sounds like me trying to figure out what I'm doing, good luck Ha.

Fat Chick Design said...

I love the work with the fish bones/fossils.
It looks so cool and slightly bizarre, which is a good thing!
I am going to feature you this week on my blog. I hope that is ok?

Bulldog Pottery said...

There was this funny tale on a radio station we used to listen too about a vampire that wanted to "bite" this woman and she kept putting him off until one day she said fine and listed all of the stuff he was going to have to do (take out the trash, rake the leaves, be home for dinner by, etc...). The vampire starting repeating schedule..schedule, over and over again until the voice got quicker and quicker and further and further away. She never saw the vampire again. He flew off.