Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tea Time Magazine

In the March/April issue of Tea Time magazine our teapots are featured along with other Seagrove Potters. The article is called "Clay Artists". We figure this issue will be out on the stands for a few more weeks if you would like to go and buy yourself a copy. It is a fun magazine to look through and has recipes as well.
Throughout the magazine there are recipes for cookies, scones, crepes, and a suggested blend of tea to complement the savory or sweet. They show off the serving dishes with delectables to go along with your tea party.

On their Tea Time website they feature extra information and pictures of their trip to Seagrove, North Carolina. We are featured under the Three Must-Stop Potteries

We want to subscribe to this magazine. I think it would be a fun one to get in the mail.

There will be a Teapot Show coming up at Cedar Creek Gallery this summer. We were both invited to be a part of it. This month we will be glazing and picking out a couple each to deliver on our way to the American Art Pottery Conference.


Kelly said...

...thanks for the heads up on the magazine. I'm going to buy it! I'll skip to the website now.


I actually used to have a subscription to Tea Time, but didn't renew it. Your pots in this issue is enough reason to get another year's worth. Thanks for letting us know!