Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can you Come Out to Play Today

Bruce preparing a bit of glaze with Maxwell
The kiln is full and firing as I write this.  We are a bit ahead of our usual firing schedule which is a good thing because it means (cross your fingers) that we will be able to turn it off at a decent hour this evening. We have been steadily glazing our pottery since we last checked in. We are relieved, happy, restfully tired, excited, and filled with anticipation for what will come out and thrilled that we have completed this cycle.
Bruce added a new color combo to his pots, he is working off of a test tile so we are hoping that this doesn't cause any trouble for us. Stay Tuned.
The Moka glaze was behaving a little different in application this time. So there is a tad bit of wondering if the pots will be affected.  When getting ready for a kiln opening like we are doing now, there is a certain level of anxiety that happens.  We have specially invited people to come out and we are hoping that we have a kiln load of successful pots for them to see. It is all part of the territory of being a studio potter.

Maxwell likes to remind us that we still need to play, if only for a few minutes.

In the image above Max was wondering if now is a good time for Bruce to take a break to play a little. Alas, Bruce had to tell Max to go find Gloria and see if she had anything to help entertain him for a spell.

Maxwell with Gloria while she cooks, one of Maxwell's favorite places to be

Max went with me up to the studio. How can you say no to those baby brown eyes? 
Maxwell proposes a trade with Samantha for her shiney new Grinch pants.
She threw it instead.

We tossed the ball together. One of Max's sole purposes in life is running with and after his red ball. His friends Joan and Paul recently sent him a new red ball, he wants to give them a big thank you for his new shiny ball.  
Maxwell with his shiney new ball

Afer a little ball toss we went to find out how Ed was doing with his pottery job. We found Ed half way through the recent grouping of pots that came out of the bisque kiln. Ed is our official pottery washer, removing the dust that would cause problems in glazing.  
Ed and Maxwell

Maxwell knows he can always get Ed to play
Ed tossing Maxwell's ball

Maxwell in his element


I know it can be cliche to say enjoy everyday, be in the moment, and never take for granted our happiness with the ones we love. But cliche or not it is the truth, and we should always remember how valuable every living moment is, hug one another often, and take presious moments in time to smell the roses. 

Samantha carrying a board up pots to the kiln

Our kiln is in the old hog parlor

A before image of the kiln
This is our kiln before we have bricked up the door.

We want to thank the Studio Potter Archive blog and Carolina Arts Unleashed blog for helping to spread the word about our upcoming kiln opening this weekend on Saturday December 17.
Also we want to thank Randolph Arts Guild and Central Park NC for including us in there weekly e-mail.
Also the Heart Of North Carolina, Randolph County TDA.
If I missed anyone let me know, I will add you on! Thanks!!

Also I posted some images on Three Corners Clay of the other Seagrove potteries having kiln openings this weekend.


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Maxwell is SO focused! I should have such concentration~ look at that photo of him running with the red ball- F.O.C.U.S.!!! Love, love, love the canines :) The do help us stay in the moment, don't they?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Yes I totally agree!