Saturday, December 10, 2011

On Our Way

Samantha is matching different shaped thrown knobs to her covered jars
Last weekend and up until this past Tuesday we were finishing our pottery for our upcoming kiln opening on Saturday December 17th. These images are a bit behind, but we have been focused on moving these pieces through the bisquing cycle and mixing glazes.  This is always an exciting time for us. We are on our way to concluding a cycle which is both satisfying and filled with anticipation. Not to mention this comes at a very special time of the year. Now we are at a juncture when we can sit back and allow ourselves to have a little down time.
covered jars without their knobs
the knobs are thrown separately

Below are the finished covered jars that are now in need of decoration.  There are so many glazes that we have been wanting to explore, and we want to dedicate some time to experiment in 2012. One of these days we will build a small gas kiln, about half the size of what we have now. This way we can turn our pottery cycle around a bit more frequently.  For example these pieces could be for two different kilns back to back instead of one kiln. That way new glazes can be discovered and worked out.
the finished jars
There is something very satisfying about trimming. For the past couple of years Bruce has received a gift certificate (from me) for Bison tools. These are trimming tools with carbide blades that hold up very well to the rigors of trimming abrasive clays.  They are so hard and sharp that Bruce uses the edges that don't contact the clay to sharpen other tools and knives.
Bruce is feeling the bowl to see where the clay is that he want to remove

Because of rain at the beginning of the week, we made this quick drying cart using plastic sheeting with a dehumidifier placed on the bottom shelf.  The idea was passed on by master mold maker John Ryall for speeding up the drying of plaster without damaging it with too much heat.  Works great with clay as well.

Maxwell is trying to tell me something!


Tracey Broome said...

I can't imagine how your glazes can get any better than they already are! Look forward to seeing them!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Tracey! We are glaze addicts. Just not enough time in the day to test and make pots :)