Sunday, November 30, 2014

Introducing "Clay Shares," "Potters Pick," and "Playing off the Instrument" - Chris Staley, Val Cushing, Jason deCaires Taylor

Clay Share Tuesday
Chris Staley

   We are going to try something new .....  One evening while working in the studio we brainstormed some ideas of what to post on our Bulldog Pottery Facebook page. We wanted to figure out a way to share with you the clay/art world that we work in, look at, and enjoy. These ideas coalesced into sharing some of these finds with you three days a week- we picked Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

On Tuesday: "Clay Share,"  Thursday: "Potters Pick," and  Sunday: "Playing off the Instrument."              We will gather the information that we share on facebook and group the shares together for a weekly blog post.  So we challenge ourselves to make this a ritual during our ever so busy lives as self-employed full-time artists.

Potters Pick Thursday
Val Cushing
"It is in nature that I find the rich colors, the dynamic textures and the harmonious forms I love to make" - Val Cushing
Val Cushing Soup Tureen and Bowls, Alfred, NY
   Val Cushing was our teacher when we attended Alfred University. I graduated in 1995 with a BFA and Bruce graduated in 1997 with a MFA.  This past summer we attended Alfred University's summer school and saw Val Cushing's exhibition in the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art. These are two images from the exhibition.  The exhibition was organized by Susan Kowalczyk, the museum’s collection manager, from pieces in the Schein-Joseph's permanent collection and on loan from the Cushing family. Beauty and function are themes of Val's work. Val Cushing (1931-1913) is a pottery legend.

Tomorrow, Monday December 1, 2014 at Charlotte, NC's Mint Museum Randolph, the Delhom Service League has scheduled a presentation about Val Cushing by Herb Cohen.

"I aspire to make beautiful pottery - some to be used and some to function visually as sculpture" - Val Cushing 
Val Cushing Vase

Playing off the Instrument Sunday
Jason deCaires Taylor
Image is from Jason's website
We have been aware of Jason deCaires Taylor underwater sculptures for a few years now. He makes the sculptures and then submerges them underwater. Over time they become an environment for marine life. He has a really good website with wonderful images of his public underwater art.  Sea life encrusts the sculptures and makes amazing colors and textures. We look at this and see glaze surfaces for ceramics.

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