Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tsuchi-Aji, Sandy Simon, Anna Atkins

Tuesday - Clay Share
 Tsuchi-Aji - The Taste of Clay 
Richard Bresnahan - Minnesota Potter

 This video is about Richard Bresnahan, a potter from Minnosota, who apprenticed with the Nakazato Family in Japan for four years in the 1970's. Upon his return he built a large wood-firing kiln and collected 18,000 tons, a few life-times supply of a local clay, and had the clay brought to Saint Johns University.  Richard Bresnahan was the first artist-in-resident at St John's University, and presently he directs the pottery studio on the campus of Saint John's, a Benedictine abbey and university in the woodlands of central Minnesota. 

The Taste of Clay-- Tsuchi-Aji

"Tsuchi-Aji, or the'flavor' of the clay. Aji (flavor or taste) is a very common concept in Japanese that is often difficult to translate to English. In Japanese "it has flavor" can be said of food, people, or pottery. Pottery without 'flavor' is superficial. Pottery with 'flavor' is worth savoring."  Peter Hamann a potter from Japan, and demonstrator at the upcoming North Carolina Potters Conference will be discussing this philosophy with fellow presenters and the audience in Asheboro, NC, on March 6-8, 2015. A bonus day has been added to the Potters Conference this year at STARworks on March 5 in Star, NC. 

Thursday - Potters Pick
Sandy Simon
Sandy Simon, California, TRAX Gallery
Sandy Simon is a studio potter and in 1994 opened TRAX Gallery in Berkeley, CA to provide greater representation for ceramicists dedicated to utility. Simon keeps her forms minimal, thus highlighting the landscape of a form, the detailed addition of wire handles, or subtle alterations including cutting, piercing, seeds, and thread.

Sandy Simon feels, "A pot made by hand suggests the spirit of the potter, and the thought &  considerations that goes into the making of it reveals the energy of the human condition.”

Sandy Simon will be speaking at this year's North Carolina Potters Conference, on March 5-8, 2015. The North Carolina Potters Conference is hosted by the Randolph Arts Guild in Asheboro, NC. This year the focus will be on Japan.  We have three potters from Japan demonstrating on stage Friday and Saturday and a very interesting line-up of talks Sunday morning. There is a bonus day on March 5 at STARworks in Star, NC. Online registration is now open at he Randolph Arts Guild website.  #NCPottersConf

Sandy Simon, California, TRAX Gallery

Playing off the Instrument - Sunday
Anna Atkins
Anna Atkins, image from the Notebook-Natural History blog
Anna Atkins was a botanical illustrator and naturalist in the 1800’s. She printed and published Part I of the 12 part “British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions” in 1843 which contains over 400 images. She learned the cyanotype process from Sir John Hershel, a family friend, even the words were written using the cyanotype process.

Please read more about Anna Atkins and her life and work at the Venetian Red website. 

Anna Atkins

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Playing off the Instrument - Sunday

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Lori Buff said...

Very impressive works, I’m even more inspired to go to the conference. I’d only be able to go for the first 2 days since I need to be at Penland on the 7th...however, since I’ll be in NC...hmmm.